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Keith Lange is an Alaskan Bush Pilot that competes as a National STOL Pilot.

I’m Keith Lange, an Alaskan resident and Wildlife Biologist. As the steward of our wildlife control business, my days are dedicated to managing the delicate balance between nature and human spaces. My free time is spent flying the beautiful backcountry of Alaska.

My love affair with aircraft began at an early age, soaring alongside my father since I was just five years old. With a lifetime of aviation experience under my belt, I’ve proudly owned and flown 27 different aircraft and explored the skies in over 82 unique planes. Yet, throughout this journey, my heart has always gravitated toward the timeless simplicity of the Piper Cub series – from the iconic J-3s to the versatile Pa-11s, 12s and 18s.

Amongst my “pack” of aircrafts is a certified Pa-18-160 Super Cub stationed in Wasilla, Alaska that heads up our wildlife business. This Super Cub is more than a plane; it’s a vital partner in our wildlife management endeavors. Navigating to remote job sites where human intervention is essential, this aircraft allows me to respond to unique wildlife challenges.

This year marked a significant milestone as I fulfilled a lifelong dream. After years of observing the Valdez, Alaska STOL competitions from the sidelines, I finally had the chance to participate. My winning experience at Valdez in the Pa-18-160 Super Cub led me to participate in the 2023 National STOL season in the “Lower 48.”  – Keith Lange

The Wolf Pack

Piper PA-18 Super Cub

Piper 1951 PA-18 Super Cub

Currently in Merrill, Wisconsin
Piper 1956 Super Cub

Piper 1956 Super Cub

Currently in Ocala, Florida
Stinson 1947 108-2

Stinson 1947 108-2

Currently in Wasilla, Alaska

Upcoming Events

Sun 'n Fun

April 8-15, 2024
Lakeland, FL

Heritage STOL

April 26-27, 2024
Virginia Beach, VA

Valdez STOL

May 10-12, 2024
Valdez, AK

Arklahoma STOL

May 24-25, 2024
Pocola, OK

Appalachian Mountain STOL

June 28-29, 2024
Clarion, PA

Sodbusters STOL

July 19-20, 2024
Hartford, WI

Rocky Mountain STOL

August 16-17, 2024
Pinedale, WY

Music City STOL

October 11-12, 2024
Gallatin, TN

Lone Star STOL

November 1-2, 2024
Sulphur Springs, TX
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